Monday, June 8, 2015

With the constant rains we have been getting, things have been looking grim for our race plans for the 14th. While our plan A is still the fast flowy singletrack bliss that you all have come to expect from us. Shane,Bob and I scouted out Plan B a rain or shine course that will combine gravel, blazing double track, some of the singletrack you know and love and a secret section of old school singletrack that will have you flashing back to NORBA races and neon spandex. So spend the week tuning up your rides for some Wyco racing this Sunday and don't forget your nightly anti-rain dance so we can implement Plan A but rest assured plan B is being prepared for your enjoyment.

Ps I need volunteers Saturday night to help put up the course I will also need volunteers Sunday for scoring,registration, and a few course marshals if we need to move to plan B I will need at least 2 dedicated individuals to play crossing guard to make sure everyone stays safe. If you plan on being a volunteer send me a message or e-mail so I have a clue of what type of support crew we will be working with

Cliff Jones

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