Saturday, July 5, 2014

Big thanks to Bob, Scott Lathrom, Shane Jones for helping me Mark the course this afternoon it is presently all marked except for sections that we will put cones up for in the morning.   A big Thanks goes out to Mark Ruehter for taking care of one last round of pruning so no one should be getting smacked in the face with any branches or rose bushes as they blast threw the single track.  Also a Big thanks to Mnason Misko for agreeing to wake up at the crack of dawn to do a preride of the course to make sure all is well before racing begins.  A few last notes I have posted up the race flyer for your reference it has directions times and costs all spelled out for you. One note on times to beat the heat we do not do "normal" race times Cat 3, JR, Marathon start at 9am. Cat 1, 2, single speed, Clydesdale start at 11am. all awards will be as soon as possible after the racing is done. We will have water and Heed available at the start finish and we have 10 watermelons that we will be chopping up through out the day. Feel free to bring any additional refreshments and remember this is Wyco so after race beer is fine so BYOB is in full effect.  Last note our friends the trail Nerds are also having a trail race Sunday so do not get fooled and follow their signs because they will not let you use your bike for the 5K. Masons Midsummer Meltdown is at shelter 3.

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