Sunday, July 7, 2013

Race Report

Masons Midsummer Meltdown 2013 Race Report

Well, the Masons Midsummer Meltdown is in the books. The day started at 6 am, putting the finishing touches on course markings and setting up the start/finish line. We had a wonderful turn out of Trail Masons’ family and friends volunteering in every way to make this day possible. The trails were in perfect shape thanks to a little help from Mother Nature overnight knocking down the dust for us. Hector with his KC Mobile bike repair was in full swing helping racers fine tune their bikes for the day’s events.

With Jr’s, Cat 3 and Marathon registration closed we were getting ready for the rider meeting when I get a call from Kidd Williams, who was preriding the course for us, he reported a downed tree blocking the course that wasn’t there the night before! With a few words to Heather, our very helpful USA Cycling Official, we postponed the race for a few minutes while I went to investigate. I gathered up our crack team of Trail Masons, Shane, Jason, and Bob, who all piled into my Jeep and off we went with a Pulaski and Cutter mattock in hand we arrived at the closest access point and trudged through poison ivy to get to the downed tree. We saw that it would take some work but we knew we could get it cleared before racers arrived at that point on the course so I abandoned the A-Team to clear the tree and rumbled back to the Start to get the rider meeting underway and sent Cat 3, Jr’s and Marathon on their way. From this point on we kept the surprises a bit more in check.

The registration team worked like a machine and scoring was virtually problem free. As the Marathon riders started blasting through the line and going out for their 2nd lap we got reports of a few riders in need. With the Midwest Mountain Bike patrol on course I knew all would be well soon. Unfortunately the Cat 3 Women took some hits with Carly bowing out with a tacoed front wheel and Melissa taken out with a knee wound from one of the rocky technical sections. As the day continued the course took some more victims but mainly with flat tires or broken chains and the occasional bump and scrape. As things worked out, we timed everything just right so that the top 5 marathon riders were starting another lap just as we were setting Cat 1 loose to chase them down.

The day heated up and the humidity skyrocketed turning things into a true meltdown with many riders suffering from cramps and hand ups of salt pills being desperately needed by many. Some of my highlights of the day were seeing a full podium of Jr racers led by Christopher Locke; seeing Roger Williams starting the race and putting in 5 laps of the course on a rear wheel with a broken spoke; Tige Lamb breaking a chain and still battling his way to winning his category; and seeing Garet Stiemetz take flight putting down a 30 minute lap with his other laps not far behind. After all the dust cleared many deserving racers got to take home some unique and memorable nuclear waste drum awards and one lucky rider got to take home a nice new Yellie Screemy frame from a raffle put on by one of our friends of the trail.

As a new race promoter and primarily a trail builder the day, though exhausting, was very gratifying seeing 119 racers enjoying the trails that our wonderful volunteers helped build. I would like to thank all of our Trail Masons volunteers and their families for making the trails and this race happen. I also would like to thank Epic Bike and sport for providing the seed money to get the race off its feet and many of the prizes given out in the raffle, the Wheel Cyclery for providing the after race refreshments and tacos, KC Mobile Bike repair for getting the racers ready and providing some tune up certificates for the raffle, Skin Quest Tattoos for some nice $150 tattoo gift certificates, Roger Harrison and Lantern Rouge for Photography, the Cow Town team for backing me with years of knowledge and supplies, Andy Schuette for transcribing all the results and posting it in UFD and lastly my wonderful wife and daughters for supporting me in both this race and all the trail building craziness I do.

See you all on the trail,

Trail Mason Cliff Jones

Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Meltdown is about to commence

Masons Midsummer Meltdown presented by Epic bike and sport is about to commence. Epic and Kc mobile bike repair will be on hand to provide neutral bike support, Roger will be behind the camera and the Wheel Cyclery will be on hand providing post race Tacos. As always all events at Wyco are BYOB.

Race day registration opens at 7:30 am Sunday morning. Cat 1 entry fee is $35 Cat 2,3,Single Speed, Clydesdale, Marathon is $30 and Jr is $20 cash is preferable and exact change is even better but we will take checks we have no way to accept credit cards on race day.

Cat 3(1lap), Marathon (∞) and Jr’s(1lap) will start racing at 9am

Cat 1(3 laps), Cat 2(2 laps), Single Speed(2 laps), Clydesdale(2 laps) will start racing at 11am

All race day activities will be based out of shelter 3 if we are so lucky as to run out of parking at shelter 3 overflow parking will be just a short ride away at the main trail head.

All proceeds from the race will go directly to the Trail Mason Association to help build more singletrack for us all to enjoy.

Any questions that I have left out just send me an E-mail at

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Awards almost done here is a shot of 1st, 2nd & 3rd together. You know you want to take home your own drum of nuclear waste so come on out and race July 7th.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Clarification for the race there has been some confusion on how many laps you will be enjoying at M3 on july 7th USAC site is incorrect and we will see about getting it fixed.

Correct information is as follows

Cat 3: 1 lap 8 Miles
Cat 2: 2 laps 16 Miles
Cat 1: 3 laps 24 Miles
SS: 2 laps 16 Miles
Clyd: 2 laps 16 Miles
JR: 1 lap 8 Miles
Marathon: as many as you would like in 3 hours

Hope this helps see you on the 7th

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Just over 2 weeks till the flag drops and the race is on for the first annual Masons Midsummer Meltdown Sunday July 7th. Preregistration is available at for anyone wanting and onsite registration will be available.

Epic Pre-rides your friends Garet and Mark from Epic Bike and Sport will be Leading Official pre-rides on Wednesday June 26th and July 3rd at 6:30pm starting from the main trail head above shelter 9. I will also be on hand for a no drop group that will be rolling a bit slower.

Last but not least HELP!!! We need volunteers to help run the race itself. We need people on July 7th to work registration, scoring, start finish area setup and teardown and course teardown. If you or anyone you know would like to help out please send me an e-mail so I can add you to our race volunteer list.

Thank you all and see you on the trail.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Just one more thing to look forward to at Masons Midsummer Meltdown.

A friend of the Trail that goes by the name of Freight Car on the Earth Riders forums is holding a raffle to benefit Trail Masons efforts at Wyandotte County Lake. He is Raffling off a Canfield Brothers YelliScreamy frame in your choice of color and size. He will be selling tickets at many of the social rides around town and you can also contact him via the #s on the poster to get tickets over the phone. The raffle itself will end on July 7th and be drawn at The Masons Midsummer Meltdown Race. (This is separate from the official M3 Race raffle). Next time you see him give him a big Thank You for stepping up and supporting local trails and riders. Hope to see one of you bombing down the new Oz technical offshoot on your new YelliScreamy soon.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

FYI we have posted a preride cue sheet and trail map just click the link on the right side of your screen.

The cue sheet is usable with the trail map or simply by using the intersection numbers that are posted at each and every intersection of the trail for your navigation pleasure.

Feel free to drop by our normal Wednesday night social ride at 6 pm main trail head and we will most likely treat you to a personal tour of the course after a race lap we might even drop in and check out the progress on the new Oz technical of shoot and finish off in normal Wyco fashion with good conversation and refreshments post ride.

Epic Bike and sport will also be leading an official Group preride starting at 6:30 pm main trail head on June 26th and July 3rd. Garet Steinmetz and Mark will Be your tour guides for the faster folks and I will be on hand for a no drop group that will be rolling a bit slower.

Introducing The Wheel Cyclery as a supporter of Masons Midsummer Meltdown. Beyond providing great service and being the premier Giant dealer in the metro Heather Jordan and her crew will be hosting a refreshment and recovery tent to kick of your post race socializing.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Trail Masons Would like to say a big thanks to Loran Smith and all the artists at Skin Quest Tattoo for throwing 4 yes 4 $150 gift certificates into the raffle pot. I'm sure they will be happy slap whatever ink you would like to your permanent gallery but we know in the end you just wont be able to resist getting the Masons Midsummer Meltdown logo added to your collection.

You can check out their work at or drop by the shop and see them in action 3709 SW Trafficway KC MO 64111 816.931.4ink

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Online registration is open for Masons Midsummer Meltdown. Register online and save yourself a little cash and streamline your race day preparations. You have enough going on race day you don't want to add the hassle of registration to the mix. With online registration you register today then on race day you just show up pick up your packet and race.

click here for online registration or click registration under event info to the right of your screen

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Trail Masons would like to announce the addition of KC Mobile Bike Repair as a sponsor of The Masons Midsummer Meltdown race.  Hector and his KC Mobile Bike Repair truck will be on hand to provide Neutral Service support for all your last minute pre race needs. Hector will also be providing some gift certificates to sweeten the raffle pot. If you would like to contact hector you can check him out on the web at

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Even know we are still working on 357 trail and it is not open yet some of us crazy guys, Shane, Hector, and I couldn't wait any longer to try out the course for Masons Midsummer Meltdown. So we went out and road it in full for the first time tonight including the unfinished trail. (Now I have motivation to get 357 done)

Here is a little preview of the course we have in store for you. As we have experienced before the hills of Wyco and GPS do not get along so the GPS tracks are not perfect.

the course:
8.2 miles per lap wheel measured (gps says 7 its wrong)
1200+ feet of climbing per lap
1200+ feet of descending per lap
Guesstimate on lap times Cat 1 35-40 minutes Cat 2 40-45 minutes Cat 3 45-60 minutes

I will have a nice cue sheet referencing Wyco's intersection numbering system done soon for your preriding enjoyment. Much better for finding your way and getting a proper preride than This GPS map.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Welcome Epic Bike and Sport

The Trail Masons would like to welcome the wonderful people at Epic Bike and Sport to the role of a presenting sponsor for the the Masons Midsummer Meltdown. Scott, Mark, Garet and the rest of the crew have been taking care of the riding community from their shop at 6000 NW 63rd Terrace for over 6 years. They have also supported the Trail Masons efforts at Wyandotte County lake in the past by participating in trail workdays and social rides. Tom Luke, a member of their race team, puts down more peddle time at Wyco than I think I do and also loves every minute of it.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Masons Midsummer Meltdown

1st Annual Masons Midsummer Meltdown

What: A UFD XC Race
When: Sunday, July 7th, 2013
Where: Wyandotte County Lake Park, KS
Why: Fundraiser to help build more sweet single track out at "Wyco"
cross country race and fundraiser

Down load event flyer below:

Masons Midsummer Meltdown Flyer

Friday, January 18, 2013

Save the Date

Welcome to the first annual Masons Midsummer Meltdown (M3).  I cross country race held annually on the sweet "Wyco" single track trails.

Why are we doing this?  To raise money and build more trails. Proceeds from the M3 will go directly to the Trail Masons Association.

Masons Midsummer Meltdown
July 7, 2013
Wyandotte County Lake Park